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The Waynesville Public Art Commission serves as the stewards and visionaries of the public art that unites the collective consciousness of our vibrant town in the North Carolina mountains. 



The mission of the Waynesville Public Art Commission is “to engage the community and enrich public spaces through original art that celebrates Waynesville’s historic, cultural, natural and human resources.”


The Waynesville Public Art Trail has been 20 years in the making. It began in 1999 as a downtown streetscape initiative to bring art into the public sphere with rotating works on loan from artists. The public voted for their favorite piece in a People’s Choice award. There were no funds available to purchase or secure the pieces, however, and only three still remain in the public realm.

The desire to create a permanent and lasting collection of public art that celebrates our community character led to the formation of the Waynesville Public Art Commission. It was established in 2008 by the Town of Waynesville and approved by the Waynesville Board of Aldermen.

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Each new public art installation begins with a theme and site location, following thoughtful consideration and planning by the Waynesville Public Art Commission. Artists are invited to submit their vision for the chosen theme and selected site. The WPAC picks the winning design. Before the artist is commissioned to create the piece, a fundraising campaign is launched to raise money for the work.



Our goal to bring more public art to Waynesville is never finished. Public art pieces are funded solely by private donations. Your contribution will help make future public art installations possible, creating a lasting legacy to be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike for generations to come. To make a donation, please click here.


The Waynesville Public Art Commission has nine members who are appointed by the Waynesville Board of Aldermen. Members serve three-year terms, with three seats up for reappointment on a staggered rotation every July.

Our current members are:

  • George Kenney, chairman
  • Dominick DePaolo, vice chair
  • Mel Bennett
  • Elizabeth Feichter
  • Leigh M. Forrester
  • Douglas Garrett
  • Sarah Jane League
  • Steve Lloyd
  • Jessi Stone

To connect with the WPAC, please visit the Town of Waynesville’s website here, or contact Waynesville Town Planner Jesse Fowler by calling 828-452-4291 or emailing jfowler@waynesvillenc.gov.

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